About me

I'm a programmer with a huge passion for interaction. Innovative programming is my lifework and drawing pixels is my lifestyle. I master both aspects of web development.

My name is Ricardo Snoek, born in february 1990. Student, employee and entrepreneur at the same time. I live in Maassluis, The Netherlands, a small town where civilization and greenhouses meet. All my life I've been interested in computer works, in any form and kind.

I'm working as a web-developer for over two years now, everyday I'm learning and searching for innovation. Where my dreams of being a game-developer were once a distant reality from what I do now, both are meeting each other at a rapid pace. I'm taking my former education as a gift from heaven, and try to combine both as much as I possibly can.

I started programming PHP in 2010, and soon got hired as a partime employee at a full service internet agency. This startup gave me the chance to build my own future to my own tastes. My duties were very broad ranging from building a content management system to building a complex full experience website, all from the bottom up.

Whilst programming PHP and designing interfaces for the products at this company, I soon started to fall in love with javascript and it's frameworks. At the time of writing my love is with Meteor and AngularJS, but like any computer aspect; The things that are hot today, will be not tomorrow. As I always say, innovation is key, or as Albert Einstein would say:

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"


There's a whole lot of programming languages that I currently master. But there are a whole lot more that I'm working on right now, or want to learn in the future.

Programming languages


Markup languages & styling


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