About me

As you've probably guessed by now, my name is Ricardo, Ricardo Snoek to be axact. 'One of a kind' as most people would tell you. They might be right, because I'm not your average 'Joe the Plumber' when it comes to programming.

I started of as a 3D Visual Artist over 8 years back. I finished some studies with that but stayed unemployed. I decided to take a wager and become a web developer, lucky for me that I'm doing great at that too!

What I do best

I have an OCD for keeping things understandable. No, not a real OCD thank god, but in a manner of speech. I believe in making things simple, and I soon found out that this means I have to do more work myself.

Keeping things simple, means tough programming challenges for me. Luckily, I'm no coward! Furthermore, I also love moving pixels around on your screen. Whether it is in 3 dimensional space or in flat designs; As long as something gives juicy feedback to the user, I'm a happy programmer.

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