Squared Lion

2013-20xx | Freelance developer

In 2013 I founded my own company, born with the name Squared Lion. Currently working on a undisclosed project, named Leap Education. Other than working on my own projects, I'm also for hire for building company web-solutions.

Squared Lion Leap Education Squared Lion CMS

Orange Ant the Brave

2012-2014 | Designer & Webdeveloper

I started working at this marketing software development agency in 2012. As well as being the first employee there, it was also my first developers job. I soon started to use my designing education to good use, as we lacked a designer in the company.

After a few months I got my first colleague, together we built a new content management system from the ground up. With user experience in mind, and great simplicity in use.

Visit the Orange Ant website

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Mirage 3D

2008-2009 | Internship

Specialised in 'Full Dome' animated documentaries, Mirage3D is a leading company in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Whilst being an intern at Mirage3D, I was granted a lot of time to develop my skills in 3D.

I worked on several projects including Natural Selection and Origins of Life, as a 3D Modeller and Animator.

Natural Selection Dinosaurs @ Dusk


Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

Level:MBO (College)

At Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam I started my education on Animation, with 3D Animation as my specialisation. I passed this education with flying colors.

NHTV Game Design


The University of Applied Sciences Breda, gave me the opportunity to study 3D Visual Artist for games. Sadly the long traveling distances, lack of future perspective in jobs and heavy demands, forced me to quit prematurely.

Hogeschool Rotterdam

State:In progress
Level:HBO (University)

Currently I study at Hogeschool Rotterdam, to become a 'Bachelor of Applied Computer Sciences'. This vague term basically means that I'm a developer that has excellent knowledge of user centered design.